After An Abortion

If you Decide to Terminate your Pregnancy

Well Woman also provides post-termination counselling sessions, and post-termination medical check-ups. Post-termination counselling gives you the chance to discuss your feelings with our counsellor.

Sometimes a woman comes to us for counselling soon after she has had a termination. Other women contact us some time afterwards, even years on, wanting to talk about their experience. Men affected by an abortion are also welcome to attend for counselling.

Post-termination medical check-ups are also available free of charge, subject to continued availability of Government funding. We recommend that you come to us for a free medical check-up three weeks after you've had an abortion. The medical check-up has three elements - our doctor will confirm that your pregnancy has ended, she will also confirm whether any bleeding you might have is within normal limits, and she will talk with you about your future contraception needs. For further information, please download our Post Termination Care leaflet.

All Well Woman pregnancy-related counselling services are free of charge—subject to continued provision of Government funding. You will need to make an appointment for most Well Woman services.

For more information on support services available to those who have experienced abortion, visit