Covid19 / Coronavirus

Covid19 / Coronavirus

Service Update May 27th

In order to deliver services while also protecting our patients and staff, we have made some changes.

  • We are now offering a Telephone Consultation both for First and Repeat Visits or Prescriptions.
  • We will not be seeing patients for Face-To-Face consultations, unless it is advised by the doctor once you have had a Telephone Consultation.
  • You can book these appointments directly with any of our clinics by phone or through our online booking form.

To keep you safe during the Covid-19 emergency, we can now provide both visits required for an Early Medical Abortion as a Telephone Consultation, click here for more details.

If you are a new client, please complete this form and return it by e-mail to the clinic of your choice. If you are unable to complete the PDF form, you can click here to submit our online patient registration form.

The following appointments will continue

  1. Patients with symptoms, eg. abnormal bleeding, period problems, etc.
  2. Early Medical Abortion consultations.
  3. STI screenings for women with symptoms, or who have had contact with someone with an STI.
  4. Crisis Pregnancy, After-abortion, and General Counselling Services (by telephone only).

The following appointments will be discontinued

  1. New menopause appointments.
  2. First fertility visits.
  3. All routine smears (this will be kept under review).
  4. Coil fits/Implanon removals and fits.

We are keeping all of the above measures under review and may change depending on new circumstances. Please keep a close eye on our website and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for ongoing service updates.

Please note that Well Woman is NOT a GP service and we cannot request COVID19 testing, or issue Medical Certificates for the purposes of accessing social welfare payments.

During these challenging times, we feel more grateful than ever to all our patients, clients, employees and everyone who has supported us. Please stay safe and join us in doing everything in your power to help fight against this virus.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience