Patient hub

Patient hub

Our Patient / Client Charter

The Dublin Well Woman Centre believes in, and upholds, the rights of our medical patients and counselling clients.

As a patient or client, you have the right:


  • To connect with doctors, nurses, and counsellors in a relationship of equals
To receive care and services free from discrimination based on gender, race, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation or ability

Non-Judgement and Respect

  • To be treated by non-judgemental staff members in a courteous and respectful environment
To have your reproductive decisions respected and supported by our staff

Safe and Effective Services

To access the highest quality services, delivered with competence, skill, and care, by appropriately qualified and registered healthcare professionals
To access relevant services and information to improve your health, and the health of those around you

Communication and Information

  • To be provided with clear and understandable health information and advice
  • To have your questions and concerns heard, and addressed by our staff
  • To review and request a copy of your medical record*

Client-Centred Choice

  • To freely make health and reproductive decisions appropriate to you and your needs
  • To be involved in all aspects of your care and treatment
  • To be informed of the risks, benefits, alternatives, and side effects of the treatment you will receive
  • To ask questions about the information presented to you, to ensure that you are able to give informed consent for the treatment you receive

Confidentiality and Privacy

To have adequate personal space and privacy when you use our medical or counselling services
To have your dignity, privacy, and autonomy respected
  • To patient / client confidentiality – but please note that this is not an absolute right, as the Dublin Well Woman Centre has an obligation to report in certain instances**


  • To have your comments, complaints, and feedback about our services listened to, and addressed / investigated
  • To express your views on services offered


To clear information on the Dublin Well Woman Centre’s funding streams, and how public funding is used
  • To clear information about how the Dublin Well Woman Centre is governed and managed



All medical and counselling services provided by the Dublin Well Woman Centre are delivered in line with our operational protocols, which are reviewed on an annual basis.

* A nominal fee applies if patients request a hard copy of their file.
**See our Policy on Confidentiality for further information.


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