What is Counselling?

Almost everyone faces challenges and difficulties at some point in their life. Sometimes these can seem overwhelming and we may feel helpless in managing or coping.  Counselling can be of great support during times of distress or change and can help clients work through issues in their lives that may be causing emotional distress.

Counselling is a process in which the counsellor and client have a therapeutic and confidential relationship. Counselling offers a non-directive, safe space where the client will be listened to, respected and supported.

During the COVID pandemic, we moved our Counselling services to a telephone model. Since May 2023, in-person counselling is now available again, with telephone counselling remaining an option for those for whom this is more convenient. Please watch the animation above for more information.

The Role of the Counsellor

What kind issues does the counselling service deal with?

Pregnancy Counselling