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Each of our three clinics are open for your essential women's healthcare. We have suspended our evening clinics in Liffey Street Clinic, but Coolock Thursday evening clinics are still going ahead. Please read our latest updates here to learn more about how we are now operating.

Services taking place in our clinics: All LARC services (Implanon, Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess, and Copper IUDs), Depo Provera injections, STI Testing, Cryotherapy, Early Medical Abortions, PMS and Period Problems, Gardasil vaccination, Fertility treatments.

Services currently on hold: Private Smears.

Smear Tests: CervicalCheck will be sending invitation letters for Smear tests from July 6th

Telephone Appointments: You can book your Telephone Appointment with one of our clinics through our Online Booking Form or by ringing the clinic directly. You can learn more in this short animation. Our Counselling Services have also moved to telephone for now, please see our short animation for more information.

Visiting the clinic: Once you have had your Telephone Appointment, and if the doctor decides it is necessary to see you in the clinic, we can then make arrangements for you to come into the clinic. You can learn more in this short animation.

Early Medical Abortions: If you are an Early Medical Abortion patient, we can provide both visits required as a Telephone Appointment. You will need to collect your home care pack from the clinic, which you can nominate a person of your choice to do if you cannot attend the clinic. Please see our Step-By-Step Guide or watch our short animation on how these appointments are now operating.

If you are a new patient, or a current patient who wishes to update their information, please complete this form and return it by e-mail to the clinic of your choice (Please download the form to your desktop or laptop before filling it out).
If you are unable to complete the PDF form, you can click here to submit our online patient registration form.

We are keeping all of the above measures under review and may change depending on new circumstances. Please keep a close eye on our website and social media (FacebookTwitter and Instagram) for ongoing service updates.

Please note that Well Woman is NOT a GP service and we cannot request COVID19 testing, or issue Medical Certificates for the purposes of accessing social welfare payments.

During these uncertain times, we feel more grateful than ever to all our patients, clients, employees and everyone who has supported us. Thank you all for your understanding and patience. Stay safe