Crisis Pregnancy

Crisis Pregnancy

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Dealing With A Crisis Pregnancy

If you find yourself suddenly facing a crisis pregnancy, you may feel many different emotions—fear, loneliness, panic, and distress. We know that many women find it hard to discuss a crisis pregnancy with their partner, family or friends until they know how they themselves feel about the pregnancy. This can be very isolating, and can leave you feeling alone and vulnerable at a time when you may most need the support of your loved ones.

By coming to a Well Woman medical centre for pregnancy counselling, you will have the chance to discuss all of your options – abortion, adoption and parenting – in a non­directive counselling session with one of our counsellors. Non­ directive pregnancy counselling means that the counsellor will not offer any opinion as to what may be best for you. Instead, she is there to provide a safe and completely confidential space for you to explore your own feelings around your pregnancy, and the options you feel are open to you.

Our Crisis Pregnancy and Post-Abortion Counselling services are provided free of charge, please visit our Book An Appointment section to arrange a session with one of our counsellors.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy testing is available in all Well Woman medical centres. The test requires you to provide a urine sample after you have come into our centre. After this, one of our nurses or doctors will advise you of the result. Pregnancy testing is free to holders of valid medical cards in our Coolock centre, only.

Information on all your Options

Within the pregnancy counselling session (which lasts approximately an hour), information on all your options — abortion, adoption and parenting — will be given to you. Our counsellor will take you through the practical aspects and consequences of each choice, and help you explore your feelings about your choices. Our counsellor will not judge you, nor will she give you any advice or opinions. We will address specific questions about medical and surgical abortions, aftercare, and any other related queries.

If you feel you need more time, you are welcome to return for additional pregnancy counselling sessions. Pregnancy counselling is free of charge — subject to continued provision of Government funding to Well Woman.